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Gwinfield Farm's Breeding Program for Lowline Cattle in Oklahoma

Another segment of Gwinfield farm is our Lowline Cattle breeding program for the Oklahoma area.


The Australian Lowline cattle came from a cattle research project conduced by the New South Wales Department of Agriculture located in Trangie, Australia. The 30-year project was started in the early 1970’s with the ultimate goal being to produce more beef per acre.

In October 1993, the new South Wales Department of Agriculture conducted a disposal sale. From that sale is what formed the basis of today’s Lowline herd. From there the Lowline was finally introduced into the United States in 1997.

How big is a Lowline calf?
An average calf weighs 40 to 60 lbs at birth and is approximately 22" tall.

How big are Lowline cattle?
A mature cow weighs 500-700lbs and is 35-42" tall while a mature bull weighs 800-1000lbs and is 37-48" tall.

Are there special requirements to manage Lowlines?
With their small size, docile nature, heartiness, and feed efficiency there is no need for large tracts of land. They are ideal for small acreage operations.

How do Lowline cattle compare to larger breeds?
They consume about 1/3 the amount of feed as a full sized animal. They have 5% more marbling than other breeds and a 30% larger rib eye per cut with 45% less back fat than Angus.


Breed Comparison Chart
Breed Average number of 
breeding cows 
per 100 acres
Pounds of average carcass
per head weight at 
15 months on grass
Pounds of carcass 
weight per acre
Retail carcass yield 
percent saleable weight
Pounds of retail 
product per acre
Lowline 54 418 203 76% 154
Waygu 38


151 55% 83
Angus 33 543 162 68% 110
Murray Grey 32 547 158 67% 106
Hereford 30 552 147 64% 94
Shorthorn 28 532 132 65% 86
Simmental 23 556 115 69% 79

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