Gwinfield Farm
Gwinfield Farm 

Current Pricing Structure

Training (monthly) $ 450.00 Includes 1 Scheduled Lesson per week, non-transferable.
Board (monthly) $ 500.00
Board per Day $ 20.00
Training per Day $ 20.00
Private Lesson $ 50.00
Group Lesson $ 40.00
Lessons At Shows No Charge for Horses in Full Training
Body Clipping $ 150.00
Clipping of Non-Training Horses $ 50.00
Bump Braiding $ 75.00 
French Braiding $ 20.00

Tail Braiding

$ 20.00

Horse Shows:
Day Care:  
A-Rated Shows $ 85.00/day
Nationals $ 100.00/day

Local (schooling)

$ 55.00/day

What is Day Care About?

Day care pays for food, shampoo, sand paper, hoof black, baby oil, clipper baldes,  extra labor, and decorations plants, (etc.). This price begins when horse in en-route and return home.



Out of town - $ 0.90 per mile. 
Local - $ 75.00 




Billed at cost



Actual expense divided by the number of horses.


Extra stalls:

Actual cost of extra stalls divided by the number of horse


Blanket Wash:

Billed at cost, but feel free to wash your own. Just be sure there is a clean one to replace the soiled one, or bring it back the same day.


Grand National Cost:

There will be an additional cost for those going to Grand National this year. Last year the amount was about $2,500.00 divided among all of the horses. I hope to keep it about that cost this year. This is for all the extra lumber, flowers, carpet, etc. There is also a cost of $325.00 for the TV drop. All extra costs will be divided evenly by the number of horses attending.



Any medication given to a client horse by Gwinfield Farm will be billed at the cost of the medicine. This would be in the case of wormer, dex, banimine, etc. These drugs I have on hand and can administer if needed, but will call the vet if they are in trouble.



A ten percent commission will be charge for selling or purchasing a horse, as your agent.



Be sure and tip the grooms. They work hard for you and your horse. Please show them how much you appreciate them. Win or lose, the same amount of work goes into getting your horse ready and putting them away.


Our goal:

 Is to first and foremost enjoy your horse(s)! We believe through hard work, good attitude, charity with others, stable comradeship, and sportsmanship 

Where to Find Us:

Gwinfield Farm:
2415 Alternate 75

Mounds, OK  74047



Jonalyn 918 694-6013

Shaughnessy 303-809-8197

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